Ramires had no right to a penalty when he bounced off Reid... but Marriner caved in to the Stamford Bridge pressure

First things first - it was never a penalty.When Ramires tore into the box and decided to bounce himself off Steven Reid's body, every ref in the land should be waving it away and telling him to get up.So, why didn't Andre Marriner do just that? Moment of controversy: Ramires (no 7) starts to fall down after bouncing off West Brom defender Steven Reid in the dying second of the match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday No contact: Reid holds his arms up as Ramires hits the deck after running into his body at speed On the floor: Ramires is laid out and referee Andre Marriner buys it and awards the penalty Well, pressure can do funny things to a referee. You can have an unblemished match but suddenly you're in injury time with Chelsea 2-1 down (and about to lose their staggering unbeaten home record in the Premier League).The stadium is packed with tension. The players feel it, the managers feel it, the fans feel it - and as a ref, you are most certainly feeling it.It can affect a ref's thin



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